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SPF And Why You Need It

SPF And Why You Need It

Every year when summer rolls around the topic of SPF comes up. But what is SPF?

SPF is an acronym for Sun Protection Factor. This is the number on your cosmetic product; SPF 15, SPF20, SPF 30, or SPF 50. It is the time it takes for the UV rays to redden with the use of Sun screen.

For example; SPF 50 will protect your skin for 50 minutes, SPF 15 will protect your skin for 15minutes. However, the strength of protection varies as SPF 50 has a higher protection compared to SPF 15. This is why it is recommended to get SPF50 and apply throughout the day.


What is the importance of SPF?


Whether we are outside or indoors, our skin is affected by UV rays (Ultraviolet light). These rays cause premature ageing and skin damage which leads to winkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. By wearing your Sunscreen everyday. It reduces the risk of skin damage resulting in a more youthful appearance as we grow older.


Make sure the whole family is protected this summer!


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