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Beautifying Hand Care Regime

Beautifying Hand Care Regime


We are living at times that good hand hygiene is a must, but this constant washing our hands can take a toll on our skin. Here are five suggestions on how to keep your skin on your hands nourished and beautiful.

  1. Use hand cream every time after washing your hands

This is extremely important as soap cleanses the skin it also strips down the natural moisture layer of the skin. Using hand cream after washing your hands also locks in water moisture the to hands to keep them hydrated for longer.

  1. If skin feels extra irritated use a serum or a gel to calm the skin

Use your calming face skincare for your hands if they feel irritated or itchy - anything with calming ingredients like shea butter, chamomile or tea tree oil can help with the irritation.

  1. Pick a moisturising hand wash

If your hands are extremely dry it is recommended to use hand wash that is moisturising.

  1. Pick nourish hand gel

If you use hand sanitiser gels, pick one that contains some glycerine, it helps out that your hands don’t dry out after using a hand gel.

  1. Try with soft towels

Rough towels can really do big harm for your dry hands the same way they scratch your face when using them. Invest in a pair of super soft muslin or cotton towels that are soft.

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