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Best Serum for Fine lines

This serum is worth every penny! I've been using this Serum for several weeks now and am amazed by the results. My skin feels smoother, and my fine lines are less pronounced. The serum has a silky texture and doesn't clog pores. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get glowing and younger looking skin.

A must have! Loved it!

This serum worked wonders for my skills, it didn't only felt super light on the skin but really hydrated and improved the texture of my skin. Its fragrance is a cherry on top. Must try it.

Add Into Your Evening Skincare Routine!

Presented in a bottle with a pump dispenser, the serum should be applied to skin in the evening onto clean skin after cleansing.
The consistency and texture is that of a lightweight gel which i find is more ideal because it applies better without dripping or running over the face.
The serum contains hydrators and skin conditioners while also containing collagen amino acids that are recognised as (NMF'S) natural moisturising factors that can be found in the skin already to keep it hydrated. Ascorbic acid is also included in the serum to boost collagen production while also helping to improve skin tone and when paired with Vitamin E (which is also included in the formula) provides antioxidant potential against free radicals. Boosting skin renewal is helped by the SH-Oligopeptide-1 included which is commonly known as an EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) which is a cell communicating ingredient that has wound healing and skin renewal properties to help with signs of aging and texture of the skin. Retinyl palmitate is also included in the formula but has to be converted by the skin three times to even see the effects for anti-aging benefits but it is still recognised to have cell-communicating benefits. I was surprised on how lightweight the gel feels on application but absorbs quickly for hydrated and comforted skin overnight. Add the serum into your evening skincare regime to feel and see the benefits for yourself and boost your anti-ageing efforts!

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